How to keep track of all kinds of running related things

I used to drive my car around my running route using its odometer to calculate the distance I was running. Since the distance I run varies and is also increasing in length every week using the car’s odometer was sort of overkill, then I heard about

If you join their site you can keep track of all kinds of running related things. The main thing, for me, was to be able to use google maps to calculate how far I was running. However, signing up on their site was a pain. When I finally succeeded I mapped my run by clicking my mouse at intervals along the road. It told me the total number of miles I had run. Mileage or should I say kilometrage is also available in kilometers which I prefer. I saved my map and logged out. Later, when I came back to the site to make another map, or rather gloat about the extra distance I was now running, the site refused to recognize me. It told me I did not exist, even though I entered my coordinates a couple a times, fearing typos. Humpf.

So, I went to map my This site was a lot easier to sign on to. Its interface is bigger and easier to read and when I came back to it the next day it remembered me.

Both these sites offer the option to make your running routes public so you can share them with others.

Knowing how far I’m running is useful to me so I can gauge my progress. My aim is to run the Emperors Challenge. Maybe not till next summer. My short term goal is a ten k run at the beginning of June although I will probably be running further than that before I do the race. After that or I want to try something from the Prince George Roadrunners schedule. They have an interesting program of races of varying length in Prince George and surrounding communities.

The other thing about running, I’m learning, is that you don’t run the same distance every day or even run every day, not that I’ve been doing that. The clinic I‘m helping with, not really, gave us a training schedule. It tells you how far to run each day, when to do cross training and which days to rest. Admittedly I’m not following it to the letter. But sort of reinterpreting it to fit my life.

I’m really enjoying the twice a week clinics which involve timed runs, hill runs and running upstairs. Even the stretching at the end of the class is fun and a workout just in itself. My volunteer position at the YMCA gives me a full-fledged membership. I really should try out some of their other classes or maybe rent a racquetball court.

After work, I went to the library to pick up some books. I sat down in a chair for a minute to rest, shut my eyes and forty minutes later I woke up, only because of some noisy people, sitting at a nearby table. I decided right then not to go to the running clinic or pick up any groceries but just go home.

Robert has been on holiday since we got back from Vancouver. He’s catching up on his thriller fiction reading as well as building a greenhouse. Every time I come back home, he has added a new dimension too it. We got all the glass for free from a friend who has replaced all the old windows in his house with newer models. My tomatoes and peppers are still under lights in the basement. I’m anxious for them to get into their new home.

We still don’t have any leaves on our trees or shrubs. It feels like this is the last place on earth to get leaves this spring. The only things which seem to be growing are the bulbs. Every day as I make my way to the car I notice another tulip has bloomed. The daffodils, Narcissus spp. are next. Then the Grape Hyacinths (Muscari armeniacum) and then the later Tulips. There is a Tulip for every season.

The white-crowned sparrows are back. They’re competing for feeder space with the finches. The black-capped chickadees have migrated to the bush where they’re serenading each other with their distictive mating call. It’s a sound, above any other, which reminds me of spring, much like I think yellow is the quintessential spring color.

Tomorrow I don’t have to go to work, attend a meeting or volunteer as a Master Gardener, or running clinic leader at the YMCA, or do anything for the Cancer Society, yet. I may not even get out of bed.