Like the caramel you just popped into your mouth, slowly melting

By Anne 3 years ago

I’m sitting in the library trying to cool off. I can feel sweat beading under my chin, running down my back and dampening my under arms. My bra is sticking to my body like suction cups on a wet window. I unhooked it at the back then pulling down each strap I was able to pull the whole thing off through one of the armholes of my t-shirt. luckily there is no one in this particular corner.

I was running back to my car, which in this heat is idiotic. This seesaw weather is nuts. For some reason I had a vision of my laptop bag, left on the front seat of my car, door locked but the sunroof wide open and someone with long arms reaching inside to swipe it off the seat.

I had been gone almost an hour. As I ran back to where I had parked, my brain told me someone had either already taken it or it was safe, I ran anyway and of course I had rememebred to shut the sunroof and the laptop was inside the bag on the seat where I had left it.

Not to sound self righteous or anything

yesterday I parked beside an SUV. It was very noisy and I noticed a child sitting in the front seat. As I walked towards Anchors seafood shop to buy prawns for dinner I realized the noise was the engine of the SUV still running. The reason it was running was so the air-conditioned could keep the child, sitting in the front seat, cool. Humph. The only other customer in the shop was obviously the SUV driver. I almost opened my big mouth to ask her loudly what she meant by wasting resources keeping her engine running for an air conditioner for Christ sake, and all so her kid doesn’t feel the heat. I wonder if she has seen the price of gas lately, especially since the carbon tax came into effect. Maybe she’s out of touch or maybe she just doesn’t freaking care.

In retrospect it is laughable. This is Northern BC . It is unbearably hot for maybe a week out of the whole long year. I guess if we humans have invented air-conditioning we better use it because there is nothing cooler, in both senses, than driving an air-conditioned SUV even if you only have one kid and live in a city.

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